The trend in sunglasses today is ultra-modern and sporty with a pop of color on lightweight plastic frames. Regardless of what you are wearing or your level of activity when out in the sun, slipping on a pair of today’s polarized sunglasses that are hip and in style will not only protect your eyes but will make you look great and very much in step with the times!

When choosing round sunglasses men it is best to go with quality. The reason for wearing sunglasses in the first place is to protect your eyes from the harmful effects of the sun and cheap sunglasses simply do not adequately protect your eyes. Enjoying the sun in wonderful, but if your eyes are exposed to the sun’s rays over an extended period of time, you could suffer from some debilitating vision problems in the future.

There are a few names in sunglasses that are synonymous with quality and Oakley round sunglasses are most definitely at the top of that A-list. Offering you the best clarity and protection for your eyes, nothing comes close to Oakley’s High Definition Optics (HDO). HDO allows you to see more clearly, sharper and without distortion. You will see everything as it should be seen, unlike like the view provided with cheap sunglasses. Oakley lenses will provide you with 100% protection from harmful UV rays because these lenses are crafted to not only give you the best possible clarity, but the highest level of safety, performance and comfort. The world’s most elite athletes wear Oakley glasses as they know this line of eyewear can be trusted to see objects clearly while partaking in sporting events of all types – both on land and at sea.

Oakley frogskins were wildly popular back in the 1980s and now, for a limited time, Oakley has brought these retro-styled sunglasses back in original, color combinations that were worn by Hollywood stars and athletes nearly three decades ago. Once the 3000 collector editions are sold old, the offer is over, so check them out while you have a chance to own a piece of classic Oakley history.

Ray Ban is another name that jumps to mind when quality sunglasses are mentioned, and today’s Ray Bans are as hot as ever and offer your eyes unparallelled protection while out having fun in the sun. Choose from lightweight and colorful plastic frames or if retro is your thing, then be sure to see the new Ray Ban aviators for 2010. Every pair of Ray Bans features special polarized lenses that made the company famous decades ago.