Massage therapy is increasingly becoming in high demand not only for recreational purposes but also within the medical field. With consumer demand on the rise gaining a certificate in massage therapy provides many different avenues for individuals to choose when picking a career within the industry. Many colleges offer accredited programs for massage therapy that adequately prepare students to enter the profession.

The growth of employment is estimated to rise 19 percent for the next eight years according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Currently, 42 states provide licensures for massage therapy and more schools that offer this program are appearing throughout the country. Certification requirements are standard from state to state giving individuals the ability to successfully enter the industry. Attending an accredited program typically has a student working within six to seven months after full-time study.

Colleges that offer massage therapy typically offer subjects including anatomy, physiology, the study of tissue, body movement, body mechanics, massage techniques, and business management. The continued growth and demand for massage therapists will lead to new opportunities in career choices. Graduates will typically find a strong client base in metropolitan areas, spas, and cruise ships. With the increased medical benefits from having a massage more hospitals and physical therapy organizations are hiring massage therapists as well.

After completing an accredited massage therapy program and passing the final examination a wide job market is available depending on skill level and techniques mastered by individuals. Upon graduating massage therapists can start their own business, work out of their home, or work for a business in an area of their choice. Other career options include working for physical therapy IMS Richmond offices, hospitals, spas, cruise ships, and resorts.

States that provide regulating requirements for massage therapists will continue to provide jobs for individuals who have completed formal training. However, new massage therapists should expect to work only part time in a variety of places until they build their client base and work towards becoming a full time massage therapist. Because of the fact that the business is centered on referrals from other clients building strong relationships with them will help a massage therapist rapidly increase client base and success within the chosen area of work.

Many massage therapists use their work as a second income. Because of this yearly earnings vary significantly within the industry. In bigger cities a therapist may charge $60 to $70 an hour, in a rural community the average rate is $35 to $50 an hour. With the demand increasing yearly massage therapists should see a direct increase in earnings, places to work, and client base.

Consumer confidence is rising due to the health benefits of receiving a massage. More doctors are increasingly talking with patients about massage therapy, which will have a direct impact on the success of the career. However, outside the health benefits massage therapy is becoming more popular for relaxation and pleasure. With many people needing a moment to relax from the stresses of life the demand for massage therapy will only continue growing. With massage therapy gaining in popularity more schools will open to accommodate the demand and leave qualified massage therapists in a positive and secure career.