When having gathering events such as a party, wedding, jamboree, or any celebration, we can do some things to manage the waste stream. It will be useful for keeping our earth clean and keeping ourselves healthy. We can compost, recycle, reuse existing resources and materials, and print items on environment-friendly materials:

Composting. We can arrange to have all food waste, along with everything else that is biodegradable (paper, cardboard, etc.) to be separated at the source and processed (by professional staff as well as at our own creative handling). We can divert some parts of all discards away from landfills and into compost in many ways.

Recycling. Another step may include arrangement reusable coffee cup of the major meals with separate bins for composting, recycling, and trash. Professionals may be trained to do with the discards attendees handed them.

Reusing Existing Resources and Materials. Disposable cups can be replaced with reusable mugs and bio-plastic/tree free compostable things. Disposable cutlery was replaced with reusable silverware. Virgin napkins were replaced with cloth napkins and recycled paper napkins. Washable glassware, plate ware and coffee cups were used whenever and wherever possible.

Printing. Utilize soft copy (where possible) rather than printed material to communicate with attendees and guests. When items are printed, we can choose to print them on tree-free or recycled papers and plant-based, non-toxic inks. They includes badges and brochures, letterhead and envelops.

If your event is held by some event organizer, you may require them to do the same thing. We can really arrange our great event as an environment-friendly event. And the choice will be fascinating too for everyone. They will agree on those healthy alternatives.